Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt: The Jack of Spades

STORYLINE: When Alice arrived at the entrance to Wonderland, she saw the Jack of Spades standing there gobbling down a tray full of strawberry jam tarts. He looked up startled, then roughly grabbed her arm. "Hey! What are you doing here!" But Alice was not a journalist to be manhandled by an overgrown piece of paper. With a well placed heel, she jabbed the foot of the card soldier.

At the Bunny Hunt landing point you can get a free Card Solider outfit. Just click on Humpty Dumpty. You can only draw an outfit once. The card solider outfits are random. The Aces are rare and have different color themes. The rarest is the black Joker with a white rabbit on the front. I have only seen one person so far with this rare Bunny!

On Her, Alice:
Outfit, Purse: Dimbula Rose Alice's summer dress mint blue (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #3)(free)
Shoes: G Field *GF* Strap Shoes Alex patent white (200L)

On Him, Jack of Spades:
Outfit: RokumeikaN Card Soldier [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt, Landing Gift) (free)
Shirt: RokumeikaN Black sweater (past group gift)(currently free to join for a limited time)
Hat: Frozen Night FN*Guilty Jack -for boys- (400L)
Blush: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu (60L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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