Wednesday, May 22, 2013

World Goth Fair: Cursed

STORYLINE:  Little Red Hood was a happy girl who she loved to cook. She experimented with new spices and exotic vegetables to her grandmother's delight. Tuesday night was their special time together. Little Red Hood looked forward to their meeting all week. She was especially proud of her newest creation, it was so delicious! She was skipping and humming a happy tune when tragedy struck.

Happy World Goth Day gang! Woohoo! For details on where to go and what to do for World Goth Day, scroll down to the bottom on the post. Fulli is wearing the Little Red Riding Hood by RokumeikaN. This outfit comes with a picnic basket, fruits, detachable hood, cape, collar, and apron.  You can add the apples and strawberries to the apron and it triggers a hold pose. It's adorable. All proceeds from the sale of Little Red Riding Hood at World Goth Fair go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

On Her, Little Red Hood:
Dress, Hood, Cape, Collar, Basket: RokumeikaN Little Red Riding Hood Limited Exclusive [mesh] (World Goth Fair) (350L)

STORYLINE: Most people believe the Deathheads Hunters are noble warriors tirelessly protecting humans from Darks. But what they don't realize is Deathheads themselves are Dark. They turned their passion for the hunt into hunting any of their own kind that don't follow their political agenda. So whether you like it or not, guilty or newly turned, if you are Dark they will pluck you away from your friends and family, never to be seen again. ... Little Red Hood desperately pleaded her innocence to Kaiser Kruel, the leader of the Deathheads. She tried to keep the Deathhead moths from landing on her, but it was too late. Kaiser scoffed, "There is no such thing as a spontaneous case of Dark. Dark you are, and dark you will stay. Welcome to Cursed."

Ha ha fun! Little Red is now Little Black! The basket now has bones, a skull, brains, and other toxic looking things. I love it! So twisted.

On Her, Little Black Hood:
Dress, Hood, Cape, Collar, Basket: RokumeikaN Little Black Riding Hood Limited (World Goth Fair) (350L)

Location: World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Get your Goth on and head down to Club Gothika at Cursed for 14 hours of fantastic gothic music, contests, and prizes, prizes, prizes! The DJs entertaining you are real life gothic DJs from England and NYC. Weeee! All proceeds go to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance) 

10am - noon SL:  DJ Rydia Suicide - BEST in CYBER
noon - 2pm SL: DJ Cruel Britannia - BEST in BLACK
2 - 4pm SL: DJ Acerose Razor - BEST in VAMPIRE
4 - 6pm SL: Dj Sredni Eel - BEST in PUNK/WAVE
6 - 8pm SL: DJ Pie Zipper - BEST in RED
8 - 10pm SL: DJ Lokii Violet - BEST in DEAD
10 - Midnight SL: DJ BronxElf - BEST in GOTH

Stuck at work? No goth clubs where you live? Can't make it to the inworld party? Don't worry! Just tap  into the live streaming music from Club Gothika for your Winamp or iTunes:

For more information on the World Goth Fair go to:  World Goth Day: SecondLife

Saturday, May 18, 2013

World Goth Fair: A Storm is Coming....

STORYLINE: As a Deathhead Scout, my only job is to radio in when I spot forbidden acts of darkness. It's the Deathhead Hunters that swoop in and take out the trash. They really enjoy their job too. There are hardly any Darks left among the human population in 2023. But despite this, the little dears are restless. The so-callled "Bats" have left the tower on their self-appointed holiday, World Goth Day. I better keep a sharp eye out for troublemakers!

The headphones I am wearing are by Down Down Down and come with a color change hud so you wear them with all kinds of outfits, they are super cool and fun to experiment with different colors!

In my next post, I will be showing you the 2 new outfits by RokumeikaN, an exclusive at the World Goth Fair! 100% of the money from sales of RokumeikaN's Little Red Ridding Hood will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It's for a good cause! Run go check it out!

And on May 22 for World Goth Day, the Cursed sim Club Gothika will be rocking for 14 hours solid.  For more information on World Goth Fair here:

On him, Deathhead Thunder:
Headset: Down Down Down Electronically Headphone with color change hud [mesh](380L)

Look for RokumeikaN at World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bunny Maids by Rotten Toe

Vistors to RMK Castle sometimes marvel at how well it is maintained when a cleaning staff is never seen. The secret is the hardworking Bunny Maids. Occasionally, a shy Bunny Maid will be spotted, and like a pale ghost she quickly disappears leaving you to wonder if you had imagined the lovely delicate creature, or not. 

On the Bunnies:
Dress, collar, cuffs, ears, feather duster, gloves, stockings: Rotten Toe Bunny Maid - Pink (350L)
Dress, collar, cuffs, ears, feather duster, gloves, stockings: Rotten Toe Bunny Maid - Black (350L)

The mysterious Bunny Maids relax at home.

On the Bunnies:
Top: Rotten Toe Strap Top - Pink (50L)
Top: Rotten Toe Strap Top - Black (50L)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bubblez - Gothic Maid Doll

Serving breakfast in style is Gothic Maid Doll by Bubblez at RMK Gothic.

On Her:
Dress, hairbow, nommie, eyepatch, gloves, apron, stocking, shoes: Bubblez Gothic Maid Doll - Red [mesh corset] (299L)