Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt: Curiouser and Curiouser News

STORYLINE: Following a tip from a secret informant code-named "tallHat," Alice R. Murrow, investigative journalist for Curiouser and Curiouser News, goes undercover to discover what darkness lurks below the sunny facade of Wonderland.

THE BUNNY HUNT IS BACK! This is one of my alltime favorite events in SL. Last year while on Twisted Hunt, I landed at this Victorian England sim for the first time and saw many pretty girl hopping around like bunnies with tickets in their mouths. My curiosity definitely got me! I have never seen a hunt quite like this. You chase a small grey rabbit that hops around the beautifully decorated sim. The bunny can be anywhere. You follow Mr Bunny and wait for him to drop a ticket. But be fast! Click, Buy for free, and Take it first or someone else will snatch out from under you! Once you get a ticket, wear it, and follow the link. Look for an Alice in Wonderland book and touch it. The prize will be delivered. Tickets are transferrable, so you can gift them, or trade for them. To me this not a hunt, it's a game. I just loved chasing the bunny last year and trying to get tickets. I've been shiny eyes for this special place ever since. In fact, I am helping out this year. *waves Hi to the many people I met at Bunny Hunt* For the blog, I will be showing a photo series of the excellent Alice in Wonderland themed prizes. Grab your loved one, or a buddy and head over to RMK Gothic for some bunny chasing! For more information (in Japanese, English, German, and Spanish) go to the official Bunny Hunt Blog: http://bunny-hunt.blogspot.jp Hunt runs until March 31st.

On Her, Alice 1:
Sweater: NuDoLu Pull relax en laine Wonderland [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #11)(free)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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