Thursday, November 28, 2013

One Hell of a Butler

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There is something suspicious about that butler... I wonder what it is?

Welcome new store to RMK Gothic, Ayashi, a store of many cool anime, kawaii, and J-rock hairstyles and clothing! Ayashi new non-rigged mesh hair for men, Sebastian, comes with X,Y, Z resize script for the perfect fit, and a color set hud. Adding an elegant, yet studious, feel for my devilish butler is the Angela Glasses by AIR.  You can touch it and change the frame color and the gem stones. You can find the AIR store to the right of RMK Castle in Town. Ayashi you can find the Dark Town section.

On Him:
Glasses: AIR ANGELA_M_Charm L_CM (1000L)
Hair: Ayashi Sebastian-Black set [mesh] (250L)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

RMK Gothic Photo Contest

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Image by: +RokumeikaN+

■RMK Gothic Photo Contest■

November 11 was RMK Gothic’s second anniversary.
To celebrate, RMK Sim was renovated and then reopened on the 13th.
RMK is holding a photo contest in fashion and/or landscape photography!
The theme is RMK Gothic style: "lightness and darkness of 19th century Britain."

What is RMK Gothic style?
Gothic, Gothic Lolita, Antique, Victorian, Aestheticism, Decadent, Beautifully Villain.

Also, each area of the sim has it's own theme:
Town: Antique, Classical, Aesthetic, Formal
Dark Town: Mafia, Gothic, Darkness, Blackness, Punk (Note: Mr. Chang is the personification of darkness in RMK)
Forest of Alice: Lolita, Cute, Kawaii, Harajyuku style
Circus of Midnight: Dark Forest, Vampire Castle, and Dark Circus (Note: area still being renovated)

Application period: 11/18/2013 ~ 11/30/2013

How to apply:
• The registration flicker group "+ RMK Gothic SIM + EVENT".
• Write "Entry to the photo contest!" in the image description. Then, fill out the items used in the photograph.
• Please include your SL name in the image description if your name used in Flickr is different from your SL name.

・ Must be a photograph taken at RMK Gothic SIM.
・ Items used in photo should be the work of a tenant at RMK Gothic SIM. (Regardless if it is product, gift, or from their mainstore location.)
・ Subject should be the photographer themselves. If there are more people in the picture, you must get their approval to participate in the photo contest.
・ Landscape photography is welcome!
・ Photo manipulation is not allowed. No retouching.
・ The number of pictures submitted to contest is limited to 5 total.
・ If you submit pictures to the contest, you also give permission for RMK to use your pictures for publicity and promotion of RMK Gothic, and RMK Events.

Contest judge:
RMK Gothic owner

We look forward to seeing your rich creativity on the concept of RMK Gothic!

・ Winner: 1000L $
・ Runner: 700L $
・ RMK Award: 500L $

· The number of views and favorites on a Flickr image is irrelevant to the contest.
· Please Note: Your submission is not a contest entry unless requirements listed above are satisfied.
· The announcement date of contest results is yet to be determined.
· IMPORTANT: With regard contest submissions, by entering you give RMK Gothic SIM permission to use images for publicity and promotion of RMK Gothic, and RMK Events whether in Japan or abroad.
· If you have any questions, please send them in a notecard only. We do not accept questions via IM.

Submit your contest entry here↓

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts 3

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Which is sweeter? Cadbury chocolate, or the Cadbury girl? Maybe the Cadbury mascot bunny! This adorable Cadbury Maid outfit by RokumeikaN is free for visitors to the newly remodeled RMK Gothic. Just wear your RMK Gothic SIM group tag, and touch the sign at the Cadbury store. It's free to join.

On Her:
Dress, bonnet, apron, collar: RokumeikaN +RMK*Cadbury's Cocoa*Mini Dress+ (RMK Renewal)(free)
Blush: [ni.Ju] Hime-yu (60L)
Bunny: HPMD SleepyRabbit with Cuddle AO (250L)

RMK Gothic - Cadbury Shop

Below is a map of the Dark Town area.

Monday, November 18, 2013

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts 2

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All kinds of people are coming down to RMK Gothic, even my brother! I caught him snooping around the Undertakers. He let me play with his Nu'ville loot (a blood bag and Bunnicula), and I showed him where the RMK renewal gifts were like AIR's Rabbit Monocle, and the Frozen Night black collar. Hey, that's what brothers are for.  ^^

On Him, Code Name: Prince of Spades, left:
Collar: Frozen Night spare collar for dress suit black [mesh] (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Monocle: AIR Air_Rabbit Monocle_Silver L_C (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Glove: RokumeikaN +RMK*Prince of Spade* Gloves (past, Twisted Hunt)

On Him, Code Name: White Rabbit, right:
Monocle: AIR Air_Rabbit Monocle Silver L C (RMK Renewal open gift 2013)(free)
Shorts: Frozen Night FN*winter dress suit white 2 [mesh] (250L)
Tongue: Bubblez Rebels Playground Outfit - Rebel Tongue (past, Rebel Playground)

RMK Gothic, The Undertaker's
Bunnicula loves the rabbit monocle so much, he got one too!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

RMK Gothic: Renewal Gifts

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Come celebrate the rebirth of RMK Gothic with these beautiful gifts by Frozen Night and WTG!

On Her:
Hat: Frozen Night Captured butterfly dress hat - mix [mesh](renewal gift RMK Gothic SIM)(free)
Necklace, Earrings: WTG **Welcome gift 06** (renewal gift RMK Gothic SIM)(free)

RMK Gothic Castle
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Friday, November 15, 2013

RMK Gothic: Forest of Alice, Ambrosia Gifts

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RMK has reopened with a whole new look! These pictures are taken in the Forest of Alice area. Several stores have re-opening gifts. Pictured above is the re-open hair bow gift by Ambrosia that matches the Ambrosia Kawaii Mini Hunt prize dress, necklace, and earrings.

On Her:
Dress, Earring, Necklace: Ambrosia Fuwa lace dress - aqua [mesh](Kawaii Mini Hunt)(free)
Hair bow: Ambrosia Rose hair acce - blue (RMK Re-open gift)(free)
Stockings: Ambrosia Lace stockings (1L)
Shoes: G Field *GF* Strap Shoes Alex patent white (200L)

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RMK Gothic, Forest of Alice
Thanks for you help Fulli!

Here is a map to help you find your favorite stores in the Forest of Alice.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The New RMK Gothic, and Crie Style's Caerus

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RMK Gothic has re-opened with a completely new look! The picture above is taken at the Main Town landing. Come down and play at the new beautiful new RMK Gothic! 

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New release by Crie is a clockwork monocle that keeps time for real! Just touch it to select your time zone from the popup menu. Super cool and stylish! You can find the new Crie store to the left on the RMK Castle, near the water on the south-west side of the map.

On Him:
Monocle: Crie Style Caerus (800L)

RMK Gothic

Monday, November 4, 2013

RMK Renovation : Ticket Collection Update


RMK Gothic SIM is currently closed for renovations. We hope you will be as delighted as we are with the new look!

Thank you for your patience during this process.


To redeem your RMK Halloween Tickets, go the main store of your ticket.
You can see the locations here:  Sponsor list

To redeem tickets for  LIKKA*HOUSE ・ Air ・ KU ・ +RokumeikaN+ ・ +Theater Chain+  go to:
Under the Rose

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ticket Prize Machines

The RMK Halloween ends today, but the Ticket Prize Machine for ticket redemption will be in the stores until Nov 10, 23:59 pm SL.  This gives hunters plenty of time to redeem thier tickets or make last minute trades.

Have a Happy Halloween!