Thursday, May 31, 2012

RMK Gothic Bridal Fair

I annouce about an event named the Bridal Fair will be held
from 1st June through 30th in RMK Gothic SIM.

Please enjoy and relax at English garden.

Theare is like this cute pose ball,
you can take a picture like us. I took a pic with ROKIA
who is RMK staff.

Enjoy this nice Event, Please take your time.
We hope you will like it!!

■store list■ 20 stores
・ARice by HELLOworld
Gallery fumiwo
・AD Creations Doll House(海外)
・:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
・Driaming Maiden
・nukunuku pocket
・Down Down Down
・Crie Style
・+Theater Chain+

RMK Gothic SIM

Gift Dress by The sea hole

Hi,I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA. 

The gift of The sea hole is introduced. 

The sea hole Gift  WHo ate ? dress in Dark eve
A touch of the signboard on inside of a shop will send this dress. 

This gift is only a dress. 
A blouse, socks, shoes, etc. are personal belongings.

Even when it is formal, it is a very cute dress which can be worn :)

It is a store with beautiful appearance and many goods.

A great price and goods! 
Please come to see XD



New Tenant by Bubblez Design

Hi,I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA. 

A new tenant is introduced today. 

Bubblez Design

It is a very famous store!!

There are many Gothic dresses and lovely item's in a store. 

Cute shoes are introduced :)
BB - Bubblez Doll Shoes (fat pack)

This product is sold at Fat. 
It is very inexpensive by a 7-color set!

These shoes will play an active part in large numbers also in summer. 

Bubblez Design

The last photograph )-
RokumeikaN Main store


New Tenant by THE SEA HOLE

We introduce about a new store " The Sea Hole"!!!

Valley Dress - Antique

It's very girly and romantic dress, Skirt part made by MESH!

The Sea Hole store has so many kind of fantastic dresses,
Please come and check yourself, you can find your favorite one:)

The Sea Hole RMK Gothic SIM

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

yukata by +RokumeikaN+

I report about a product by RokumeikaN store.

Koisuru kingyo(for Girls) Tribal kingyo(for Guys)

The Kingyo is a kind of summer symbol in Japan,
it's a small cute golden fish.

Enjoy your summer vacation with japanese-summer kimono!

RokumeikaN Main store

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The store moved! by Wretched Dollies

Wretched Dollies store place moved to Main street!
A more nice location than before, so you can access there
more easily!

Then I report about product by Wretched Dollies store!

Totally cute gothic and lolita style dress.

Includes 2 type of skirts, Hair accessory and socks.

There are so many cute dresses, 
please come and check by yourself!
Milk xoxo

Wretched Dollies RMK Gothic

Monday, May 28, 2012

Catherine by Dreaming Maiden

I report about a product by Dreaming Maiden store.


It's so romantic and delicate image dress.
It has a very fluffy skirt because It made like bird feather.

Includes Dress, Bonnet and Stocking.

Please come and check by yourself, 
written by Milk

Saturday, May 26, 2012

RMK Gothic Bridal Fair@Information

Hi,I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA.

The information of an event 

Specially prepared floor


RMK Gothic Bridal Fair@Flickr
This group is only for the Bridal Fair that will be held from 1st June 2012 to 30th June 2012.
Everyone can post SS who join in this group.
And if we find nice SS then it might be use for our blog or something.
If you don't want us to use your SS for anything then please use ordinary group.
We are looking forward to your nice SS. ( SS= Screen Shot)

RMK Gothic SIM event@Flickr

RMK Gothic Bridal Fair


Elena by Dreaming Maiden

Hi, I'm Milk.
Today I report about new product by Dreaming Maiden store.

It's very noble and classical style dress set.
I like the straw hat because it's decorated with flowers, so cute!

And includes books what I hold!

Please come to the store!

Dreaming Maiden


Hi, I'm Milk.
Today I report about hunt prize by LIKKA*HOUSE store.

It's very cute dress decorated with a lot of flowers!

The Hint is 「Under the Black」
Simply look for under the black.

You can perticipate in this hunt until 31st May,
Hurry to get it!


Priscilla Rose by World's End Garden

Today I report about a new product by World's End Garden store.

Priscilla Rose
Totally cute and sweet dress.
I recommend to wear this for any kind of party,
you can be a perfect princess♡

The color is very noble pink then it has so elegant image.

Please come to store, See you soon! Milk xoxo

World's End Garden

tip jar&place mat by nukunuku pocket

Hi,I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA.
Today I report about a new product by nukunuku pocket store.

nukunuku pocket store.

*NP* tip jar cello with child angel (New Item)

A cello will be flipped if money is put in.

*NP*place mat glay for RMK  (Group gift)
RMK Gothic SIM limitation.

nukunuku pocket