Sunday, March 24, 2013

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt: The Bunny Spy Network

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STORYLINE: As Alice was strapped down into the guillotine, the White Rabbit burst into the room and whispered something in the Queen's ear. As he talked, her face grew redder and redder. She stormed over to the Jack of Spades and whipped back his long bangs, revealing a tale-tell smudge of strawberry jam on his cheek. "Come on," the White Rabbit untied Alice, and grabbed her hand. "Wait! Who are you? Why are you suddenly so big? Where are you taking me? Do you know tallhat?" "Not now," he grumbled, and looked around nervously. Then in a burst of speed, he dragged Alice behind him. In the distance, she heard the Queen bellow, "Off With His Head!"

On Him, the White Rabbit:
Spear: Theater Chain Card Soldier [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt, Landing Gift) (free)
(The white rabbit character was created before the event started, so no prizes are in it other than spear.)

On Her, Alice:
Dress: c.A. Anica Alice Dress (Lola Tango applier) [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #1)(free)
Hair: Lo*momo +SD Lo*momo+" Muguet
Shoes: G Field *GF* Strap Shoes Alex patent white

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STORYLINE: The White Rabbit led Alice to a tea party in the middle of a grassy field. The chair backs each had a name such as White Rabbit, Easter, and Playmate. She was so confused. What on Earth was going on? "Espionage," the White Rabbit said flatly as if he could read her thoughts. "No one suspects a cute bunny may be spying on them. We serve as the Queen's eyes and ears. But you are not here in Wonderland to learn about us. In fact, we are a secret you better keep. You see, there is a war coming."

On Him, code-name White Rabbit:
Outfit: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Prince of Phantom*Red
Glasses: AIR ANGELA_M_Charm L_CM

On Her, code-name Easter:
Outfit: Wretched Dollies WD Bunny Dress (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #8)(free)
Necklace: WTG **Spring feel**necklace-bracelets (Old Europe Umbrella Hunt) (free)

On Her, code-name Playmate:
Ears, Dress, stockings: Ambrosia Bunny Girl red (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #7)(free)
Shoes: G Feild *GF* Ribbon Slingnback Shoes V2 crimson
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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