Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bunny Hunt and Alice Market have ended

The Alice Market has closed shop, and the Bunny Hunt has ended.  Thanks everyone for coming to Alice in RMK Gothic, for shopping, taking pictures, and bunny hunting. Thanks to the designers for their wonderful creations. And thanks to the hunters who made the Bunny Hunt run smoother by helping each other, trading tickets, and alerting the staff to any problems. It was a great time!

The Bunny Hunt tickets can be exchanged for a prize until April 8th, 2014 24:00 Japan time, (or 8 am SL time). After that, the prize machines will be removed. You can find the prize giver locations for each store here: http://bunny-hunt.blogspot.jp/2014/02/sponsor.html  Note: Ticket #10, Blue Blood, dropped from the hunt, and Caco's Greenhouse's Alice Market booth remains up for you to redeem your prize tickets there.

You can look all entries into the Alice Photo Contest here: +RMK Gothic SIM+EVENT
Date of publishing the contest results has yet to be determined. Watch the main RMK Gothic blog for the announcement of the winners.

Please look forward to future RMK Gothic events! 

Here is the video of Tea Party Live, first act: A Thousand Cherry Blossoms. Enjoy!
A larger high resolution version can be found at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiTj8Bb1rNo

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