Monday, March 31, 2014

Alice in RMK Gothic: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

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STORYLINE: Bunny Hunt 2014: Thanks for the memories! From your Bunny Hunt Patrol Team, TweedleDee and TweedleDum.

I brought back the Tweedles from last year for a last day Tea Party! It's been a blast this year at the Bunny Hunt and Live show. For those of you who missed the Tea Party Live, head over to Rokia's blog Theater Chain, or directly to Youtube, to see the video of the 1st act, a Thousand Cherry Blossoms! I'm hoping there will also be a video of the 2nd act, Alice in Underworld, by Fair Saeed. I'll post a link once I know.  ... Don't forget, today is the last day of the Bunny Hunt!  Hurry hurry. Collect and trade your tickets now!  You can find where to collect your prizes here:

Today is also the last day to get your pictures submitted to the Alice in RMK Photo Contest!

The charming TweedleDee is wearing the Bunny Hunt prize from RokumeikaN. It includes outfit, purse, and hairbow. Her windy Nanami hairstyle is by Ayashi. Both of the bunnies are wearing the adorable pink bunny ears with teacups hunt prize by Tentico. The prize from Pulcino includes mesh nails for the default avatar and an applier for slink hands. The straw Teapot chairs are by Caco's Greenhouse. They come with 4 poses, and there are 4 different color versions. You can find them in the Alice Market. The tea set by PopTart is very nicely detailed and includes cards and an Alice in Wonderland book. TweedleDum is wearing the mesh boots hunt prize from WTG. It has a card texture on the leather, and the sole is red. His hair is the new Yato hair by Ayashi. I think I will be wearing this a lot, it looks cool. lol  Adding a bit more RMK style to TweedleDum, is the collar and shorts from Frozen Night's winter dress suit. ...Okay, now be quick like a bunny and get the last of the Bunny Hunt loot! Happy hunting!

On her, TweedleDee:
Outfit: RokumeikaN +RMK*Alice*+ Clothes, Collar, ribbon [mesh] (Bunny Hunt) (free)
Ears: Tentico bunny tea - Tentico [mesh] (Bunny Hunt) (free)
Nails, and Slink Nails: Pulcino  [mesh] (Bunny Hunt) (free)
Chair, pose: Caco's Greenhouse [mesh] (Alice Market)(60L)
Hair: Ayashi Nanami hair-white [mesh]  (250L)
Socks: RokumeikaN +RMK*Alice*+socks (Bunny Hunt)(free)

On him, TweedleDum:
Boots: WTG **Wonder card** short boots [mesh](Bunny Hunt)(free)
Ears: Tentico bunny tea - Tentico [mesh](Bunny Hunt)(free)
Socks: RokumeikaN +RMK*Alice*+socks (Bunny Hunt)(free)
Chair, pose: Caco's Greenhouse  [mesh](Alice Market)(60L)
Tea set: Poptart Alice's Tea Set w/papers [mesh] (Bunny Hunt)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Yato hair - white [mesh] (250L)
Collar, Shorts: Frozen Night FN*winter dress suit - white [mesh](250L)

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