Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nightmare or Dream?

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STORYLINE: It started beautifully at first. She dreamed of riding a carousel as the sun set. A haunting melody of a distant piano wafted in the gentle breeze. Suddenly, something pressed her down. The ornate wooden horses turned black. They bobbed up and down, around and around, faster and faster. She had became the carousel! She was trapped! Terrified, she jolted out of her nightmare only to discover something heavy was on her chest. Two menacing red eyes pierced darkness looking back at her.

Likka House has created an amazing wearable art outfit that can be a thing of dreams, or in the case above, a nightmare. It comes with rigged mesh corset and gloves in standard sizes. The hat, collar, wings, and carousel are mesh attachments. The lower skirt has a flexi draping. The socks are system and crying clown Pierrot makeup a tattoo. It also comes with two gestures that start and stop the carousel rotation. The outfit comes in white, black, red, and black. The hair is a new release Ami by Ayashi. The Neko ears that come with it can be on and off.

On Her, Girl Carousel:
Corset, makeup, socks, gloves, collar, hat, wings, skirt, horses: Likka*House Carousel-black [mesh](700L)
Hair: Ayashi Ami hair - basic set [mesh] (400L)

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