Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Ghost of Jacob Marley

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STORYLINE: Christmas Eve 1836, Jacob Marley, the wealthy banking partner of Ebenezer Scrooge, was rushing home ahead of a freak blizzard. A homeless man caught out in the open tried to flag him down for help. Rather than stop to give aid, Marley commanded the carriage onward. The desperate man made a sudden move to jump onto the back of the carriage. The horses were spooked, bolted wildly, and slipped on the ice. The carriage fell over London Bridge and crashed into the Thames river. The Marley's had no friends other than Scrooge. No one noticed he was missing Christmas Day. His body was later discovered entombed in the ice. Now his ghost is condemned forever to walk the Earth weighed down by the chains of selfishness and greed.

Gothmas and RMK Frost Fair are two wonderful events going on right now! The image above has elements from both events. Kai hair by Ayashi you can get at RMK Frost Fair  Scroll through the vender to pick out the colors pack you want. The hair for guys comes with cute reindeer horns. I couldn't resist adding a top hat and looking a bit One Piece Chopper. lol

This image is taken at Gothmas Sium sim where you can find RMK Gothic stores RokumeikaN, +Theater Chain+, and SAKIDE! And over on the Gothmas Cursed sim you can find Violent Seduction. Have fun both awesome events!

On Him, The Ghost of Jacob Marley:
Hair: Ayashi Kai - white set [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair) (250L)

Image below is the unhappy ghost version of Jacob Marley.

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