Monday, December 16, 2013

RMK Frost Fair: Arctic Angels

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STORYLINE: Seeing so much lovely ice on the Thames is enough to make a Polar Bear Angel cry.

Another brilliant creation by Beetlebones is the adorable Arctic Friends gacha at RMK Frost Fair. There are two gacha series: land and sea. Land comes with avatar versions or pet versions on Snowshoe Hare, Arctic Fox, and Polar Bear. The Albatross and the rare Snowy Owls are pets. On the sea series, Beluga, Narwhale, Seal, Walrus, and rare Orca and Puffin are pets. On the image above, I am wearing the Polar Bear avatar. He's awesome and comes with AO. My Tundra Posse, lol, are all wearable pets. They animate, walk, run, and fly with you. Included with the pets is a nicely done instruction booklet that even has sound effects.

On him, Polar Bear Angel:
Avatar: Beetlebones Arctic Friends Polar Bear Avatar - snow [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Pet 1: Beetlebones Arctic Friends Albatross - snow [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Pet 2: Beetlebones Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare - brown [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Pet 3: Beetlebones Arctic Friends Seal - smoke [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Pet 4: Beetlebones Arctic Friends Narwhal - candy [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)

RMK Frost Fair

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STORYLINE: Watch out, Mr Fox is quite a thief. Who's hat did he snatch this time? ... Don't worry, he's not some pick pocket working the fair, he's just playful and mischievous.

I have actually seen an arctic fox in real life. They are totally restless, alert, and up to no good not unlike a mischievous ferret. The fox avatar above is from the Arctic Friends land series. The cute hat is one of the gifts at the Contraption booth.

On him, Mr Fox:
Avatar: Beetlebones Arctic Fox Avatar - soot [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Hat: Contraption Play's Shako [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(free)

RMK Frost Fair

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