Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ambrosia-petit four dress[poinsettia]-

***Ambrosia***Mesh:petit four dress[poinsettia]

I'd like you to meet the new product from Ambrosia available at RMK Frost Fair.

It is a mesh petit four dress in a poinsettia pattern with a pretty poinsettia ribbon at the waist. Perfect for the season, or for wearing at a Christmas dance!

※Other items shown you can buy at RMK Gothic. Pumps by Violent Seduction, and socks and gloves by RokumeikaN.

The cute spiral hairstyle you can purchase at Rosy Mood’s booth at the RMK Frost Fair. Please come see the time-limited items for a limited time sale price at the booth!

+ RMK Gothic SIM +
Event site is on the river at the center of the SIM.

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