Monday, August 18, 2014

Ghosts of August, Broken Doll

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STORYLINE: Her camera and photos confiscated, the schoolgirl left the spirit world empty-handed. Or so she thought. She began to see things: a shadow darted before her, a bright glowing orb in the corner of the room. She was already on edge as she walked home.  She looked up and saw someone walking precipitous along the edge of town's ancient tower wall. The figure appeared ridged or drunk. Then it suddenly slipped and fell. 

Nice things for Elegant Lolitas to enjoy this month! The new release from Rokumeikan, Attempted Suicide Doll, comes with shirt top, collar, bandages for the arms, skirt, underskirt, checkered stockings, hat, and a parasol with pose. The black and white textures with with stripes is really striking, and I love the nicely textured parasol. The creepy cool forked tongue is by DownDownDown. Touch it and you can change the color to green, mint, blue, black, white, pink and red. It comes with materials for that extra slimly look. lol. The tongue is unrigged mesh so you scale it and move it around, no problem.

On Her, the Broken Doll:
Dress, hat, bandages, parasol: RokumeikaN +RMK*Attempted suicide doll [mesh](700L)
Tongue: DownDownDown Snake tongue [mesh](150L)

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STORYLINE: Horrified, the schoolgirl screamed and ran toward the person who fell only to discover it wasn’t a person at all, it was a shattered doll. As it’s head rocked gently to a stop, suddenly a forked tongue flicked out of it’s mouth. Then the doll faded away as if nothing had been there at all. The cycle began again a few moments later when it reappeared on the tower wall. The frightened schoolgirl wondered what kind of evil the doll had absorbed.

Location: RMK Gothic

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