Saturday, October 19, 2013

RMK Halloween: Nosferatu

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STORYLINE: As you walk through RMK Gothic on your way to buy items for a Halloween party, you begin to feel something is not quite right. Trick-or-Trickers wandering the sim have very convincing Halloween costumes. You wonder if those are really costumes, and that vampire looking couple..., they aren't really drinking blood, right?

RMK Halloween has begun! Your challenge in the newest RMK quest game is to make right sweet treat for the right ghost. Ingredients to cook rain down from the sky. Try to combine three of them to create a dessert. Once you have successfully baked a treat, find the ghost that loves your cooking, (even if you made toxic candy!) Stumped? Ask the pumpkins, ghosts, and skulls around the sim for clues. Sometimes they drop hints, other times they say funny things. Your efforts will be richly rewarded with tickets you can exchange for excellent prizes from 23 designers from RMK Gothic! The 24th ticket, the Premium Ticket, can be redeemed at the store of your choice. Clear your calendar and don't miss this unique, cute, and funny new adventure at RMK Gothic! Event ends Oct 31st.

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Pictured above on her is the very cool RMK Halloween hunt prize by Violent Seduction. It includes cute bat wing decorations on the collar, bodice, waist, and skirt. Both vampires are wearing the new horn headdress from the RokumeikaN gacha. The rare prize is a complete outfit of Sweet / Fairy Lolita Unicorn in pink with unicorn headdress and matching bonnet! I'm wearing the RMK Halloween hunt prize by KU. It comes with two kinds of collar, the pendant version like I am wearing above, and a large bowtie version. Girls will be about to wear this also if their chest size is smaller.

On Her, Lady Nosferatu:
Dress: Violent Seduction Nosferatu (Lavender) (RMK Halloween)(free)
Horn: +RokumeikaN+ Horns Gacha*+A black (RMK Halloween)(50L)

On Him, Lord Nosferatu:
Outfit: ::KU:: TAS_shirt_violet (RMK Halloween)(free)
Horn: +RokumeikaN+ Horns Gacha*+B purple (RMK Halloween)(50L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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