Saturday, May 18, 2013

World Goth Fair: A Storm is Coming....

STORYLINE: As a Deathhead Scout, my only job is to radio in when I spot forbidden acts of darkness. It's the Deathhead Hunters that swoop in and take out the trash. They really enjoy their job too. There are hardly any Darks left among the human population in 2023. But despite this, the little dears are restless. The so-callled "Bats" have left the tower on their self-appointed holiday, World Goth Day. I better keep a sharp eye out for troublemakers!

The headphones I am wearing are by Down Down Down and come with a color change hud so you wear them with all kinds of outfits, they are super cool and fun to experiment with different colors!

In my next post, I will be showing you the 2 new outfits by RokumeikaN, an exclusive at the World Goth Fair! 100% of the money from sales of RokumeikaN's Little Red Ridding Hood will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. It's for a good cause! Run go check it out!

And on May 22 for World Goth Day, the Cursed sim Club Gothika will be rocking for 14 hours solid.  For more information on World Goth Fair here:

On him, Deathhead Thunder:
Headset: Down Down Down Electronically Headphone with color change hud [mesh](380L)

Look for RokumeikaN at World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine!

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