Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gift Chashitsu by RMK Gothic

Hi,I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA :)

A group gift is introduced today.

Japanese Chasshitsu Set
The building called the "chashitsu" in Japan.

Since furniture and accessories are also contained in a set, it can use immediately.
The last group gift "Japanese smoking set" is contained.

Some of accessories or furniture are not linked.
Please use according to your liking.
A touch of a kettle sends the ladle containing pose.

It is a RMK Gothic SIM group limited gift.
A gift is distributed till July 31.

The place of a gift : Butlers Cafe Britannia

There is also ATM in SIM.
Since it is near the TP, it is very convenient :)

There are two kinds of ATM.
Please use the direction which you use.

RMK Gothic SIM


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