Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fille charmante by RokumeikaN

Hi,I'mRMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA :)
I report about a product by NewTenantby RokuemeikaN store!

RokumeikaN*fille charmante*+Pink
It is a dress whose antique color and rose design are very cute!
It is the decent Lolita fashion.

Many frills are attached to the puffy skirt.
A waist portion is also beautiful.

The back is lacing up of a ribbon.
It is lovely so that it may be a corset.

The dress bonnet head ribbon, the bag, and the umbrella are contained in this set.
pose is contained in the umbrella and the bag.

Please dress up and enjoy shopping!

RokumeikaN Main store

*GF* Platform Shoes "Rosette" -white-

+Theater Chain+Princess pose

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