Saturday, July 19, 2014

RMK Gothic: The Dark Circus

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The Dark Circus has come to RMK Gothic! You can find this cute new area to explore in the garden near Theater Chain. Pictured above is Rokumeikan's the kodona/ouji style Harlequin in monocolor (there is a rare red version also). It's an outfit for girls, but I am playing up the boyishness here. It's from the new Straw Hat gacha. You can find it at Castle Rokumeikan. I added a past free fangs from [ni.Ju] and tinted them to match. The pierrot eye makeup is part of Carousel Black outfit from Likka House. The hairstyle is brand from Ayashi. This style is so nice for the guys! Ayashi has introduced a new color palette, Summer. They include pastel tones.

On Nosferatu Harlequin:
Outfit, hat, collar, stockings: RokumeikaN +RMK*Arlequin*+Mono (RARE) [mesh](50L)
Hair: Ayashi Makoto - whites [mesh](250L)
Tattoo: Likka*House Carousel-black [mesh](700L)
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs, edit tint (past, free)

RMK Gothic, Dark Circus

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Our lovely Trapeze artist is wearing the rare prize from the Theater Chain Unicorn Accessories gacha. It includes two hair ribbons, top, skirt, and arm wearings. Her mini parsol is from the Alrescha swimsuit set from last year. Scroll down to read about the new Doll Points at RMK Gothic.

On Trapeze Unicorn:
Skirt, top, ribbons, arm warmer: Theater Chain Unicorn Accessories baby purple RARE [mesh](50L)
Swimsuit, gloves, sandles, parasol: Likka House Alrescha - blacky [mesh](200L)

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I have big news for RMK Gothic fans! +Club RokumeikaN+ is happy to introduce the new Doll Point system. With each of your purchases, you earn points which can be exchanged for Doll Point prizes!

Doll Point HUD information - English v.1

How does it work?

1) Go to the Rokumeikan castle 2nd floor here:

2) Wear your +Club RokumeikaN+ group tag.

3) Touch the sign to receive your Doll Point HUD.

4) Wear your Doll Point HUD each time you make a purchase in the Rokumeikan store. The more you buy the more points you earn. Each gacha spin will equal one point.

5) Once you have collected enough points, return to the 2nd floor of Rokumeikan castle where the Doll Point prizes are located. You can redeem your points for prizes there.

6) Touch the sign of the prize you wish. Prize will be delivered. Points used will be subtracted from your total.

PLEASE NOTE: Past gacha do not have the Doll Point System in their code. Only new gacha machines will have the Doll Point system.

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