Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween in RMK Gothic

Halloween in RMK Gothic
About Qwest
You can still use that HUD after you gave up quest. Don't need to use another new one. Don't hurry, have fun!

You can get quest prize after clear quest but that prize is chosen randomly by prize machine.

This event is made by volunteer staff, so if you get some trouble or are loss, we can't have responsibility. And then, we don't offer any support for individual person, DON'T send IM or Note card to us if it's emergency or not.
We announce our event schedule by our official blog, please check it out by yourself often.
And we don't have any responsibility about unofficial blog, DON't send IM or notecard to us.

This event is not a Hunt. We just prepare nice atmosphere and Halloween image game. Please take off heavy HUD, facelight and AO for SIM. We have a special halloween edition costume, please use it if you are ok. When you visit to our SIM with very heavy outfit or having trouble with other person, we will give to you warning or BAN you immediately.
DO NOT SEND IM or Notecard to us. We have post box during this Halloween event, if you have some question, post it to post box. But we can't reply to all customer, Please understand it and use it.

We are all volunteer , we make an effort to make nice event. Please understand all this situation and join to this event.

+The Eexecutive committee of Halloween in RMK Gothic 2012+

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