Thursday, September 6, 2012

Twisted Hunt by LIKKA*HOUSE

Hi,I'mRMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA :)
I report about a product by LIKKA*HOUSE store!

LIKKA*HOUSE D-arch Angel (female) : Twisted Hunt fall 2012
LIKKA*HOUSE D-arch Angel Wing (unisex) : Twisted Hunt fall 2012

A dress and wings are the prizes of Twisted Hunt.

Shoes and a stocking glove are personal belongings.

LIKKA*HOUSE is also performing mini hunt. 

LIKKA*HOUSE D-arch Angel complete set : Twisted MINI Hunt prize

It is the mantle and sword which are set by D-arch Angel (for female).
A male can also use. 

Starting point 

Gacha here also sells by the hunt limited time offer.

L*H Birdcage Choker : Twisted Hunt FALL 2012 Limited

Usually, two kinds, a version and an open collar system, are contained.

There are six kinds in all.

It is a hunt limited time offer altogether. 
Please get.

*Twisted Hunt&Gacha


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