Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Tenant by +Lo*momo+

Hi,I'mRMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA :)
I report about a product by +Lo*momo+ store!

"+Lo*momo+" Autumn bloomer(White)

It is a dress with many rose designs and corset ribbons, and a woman's favorite elements.
Tops is opened sexily XD

It can wear in every season

Under the tightened corset, the skirt puffy with the race shows a shape beautifully.
The color of a skillful rose and composed Brown's corset are decent
There are color variations various otherwise.
Socks are personal belongings.

"+SD Lo*momo+" Ajuga_A(LightBrown)

It is very cute hair.
Gothic and the Lolita style are suited very well.
FAT is also an amazing price! 
The goods here are mesh

+Lo*momo+ in RMK Gothic Main town

A store is located along the main street of a main town.
It is a very great store :)


Dead Apples

*G Field*


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