Tuesday, June 5, 2012

black veil by NONKO ROMANKAN

Hi, I'm RMK Gothic SIM staff ROKIA :)

The dress of NONKO ROMANKAN is introduced today. 

NONKO *black veil* dress SET
Two kinds of veils are contained. 

An individual picture is very cute!!
The silhouette of a dress is also beautiful. 

Shoes are also contained in a set. 
Probably, as for these shoes, a style looks beautifully. 

It is a very gorgeous set. 

Accessories match well.

Photography spot 


-Tail coat-

All of these items are sold in the specially prepared floor.

■Wanted RMK Gothic Bridal Fair Screen Shot■

Hello, Everyone.
Today the Bridal Fair Event starts!!
We prepared so many kind of pose ball and dacoration all over the SIM.

If you take a picture in this SIM duling Bridal Fair, you can post it on Flickr.

RMK Gothic Bridal Fair@Flickr

This group is only for bridal fair.
Anybody can join and use this group. When we find nice picture in Flickr then we might use it for official blog or something.

If you don't want us to use your pic then please use ordinaly group.
Here is ordinaly group.
RMK Gothic SIM event@Flickr

You can post in this group for any kind of pic that take a pic in RMK Gothic SIM.

We are looking forward to your nice Picture!!
Enjoy and have fun!


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