Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alice in RMK Gothic: Tea Party LIVE SHOW

※NOTE: Schedule uses Japan Standard Time followed by SL time.

■2014 Tea Party■
Date:2014/3/23(日) 23:00~(JPT) (or 7:00 am SL, Sunday 3/23/14)
Place:RMK Gothic Alice Market
Performer&Sound:Fair Saeed (*Re:ON*Performer)・Yukineko (La petite fleurOwner)・ROKIA Kristan (+Theater Chain+)
Theme: Japanese Sakura, the Cherry Blossom

・The SIM will close briefly for decoration at 21:00.  (or 5:00 am SL, Sunday 3/23/14)
・At 22:30 the SIM will reopen.  (or 6:30 am SL, Sunday 3/23/14)
・Arrive for the live show no later than 22:50.  (or 6.50 am SL, Sunday 3/23/14)
・ NOTE:  If the SIM is full, admission to the event might not be possible. Come as sooner to avoid SIM limit.

・Please use the latest version of the official viewer, or Firestorm viewer.
・Bunny Hunt will be stopped during the show.
・Please remove facelight, HUDs, and heavily scripted items. Come as low lag as possible.
・The live show will use a lot of particles and light direction. Set sky to Midnight.

■Past Tea Party Performances■

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