Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alice in RMK Gothic: The March Hare

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STORYLINE: When in Wonderland, if you want to find the March Hare, go look in the garden. She's often hovering near the garden party, sipping tea and nibbling on delicious cupcakes.

Little Lolita's outfit and glasses are both from the Alice Market at RMK. This is an area of the sim that has store booths with items in the theme of Alice in Wonderland for sell. The dress by Ambrosia comes in black dot and pink, mint, or blue, and a Limited Edition RMK Gothic white and blue Alice version. These fun wonderland heart glasses "Doubt" by AIR are partial mesh, and you can edit them like I did to give it a slight tint. The antique collar is a gacha by Theater Chain at RMK and if you are lucky, you win the rare prize a full lolita outift Baby Christmas.

On Her, The March Hare:
Dress, hat, garter, stockings: Ambrosia Princess Prom Dress - mint_dots [mesh] (Alice Market)(200L)
Glasses: AIR Doubt  [mesh] (Alice Market)(500L)
Collar: Theater Chain +T*C+Antique Choker - black gacha [mesh] (50L)
Card: +RokumeikaN+ Prince of Spades (past, Bunny Hunt 2012)

RMK Gothic - Alice's Garden

Happy Saint Patrick's Day from the March Hare!

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