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RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy 2

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STORYLINE: To Morrigan Wylde it was amazing to watch a tiny sunflower seed sprout and grow into a mighty plant. But the Magical Academy Herb class seedlings were something else, they were enchanted! They grew much faster and had magical properties. She loved to collect and trade the exotic seeds with her fellow classmates.

Lots of goodies here from RMK Halloween to show you. Above Kariritaisho is wearing the adorable Witch Hat by Pantsu*Hunter. Touch it, can and you can turn the lights on or off. Matching the hat, is the Lil Witch staff by Cubic Cherry Kreations. It comes in 2 styles. Resting on top of the hat is the Vouboo Zitga by Schadnfreude. Collectors of this cute series might remember it from a past Arcade round. Don't miss this new addition! Wrapped around our charming witch are the Together Flasks by DownDownDown. The Harriet Gav dress is by Hapi Rabi. From the RMK Halloween Market located on main street, are two free gifts: the Bat Wings by Silvery K and Halloween Stockings by Ambrosia. Also by Ambrosia are the game prize Pumpkin Heels for Slink Mid.

On her, Morrigan Wylde:
Guest Appearance: Kariritaisho
Hat: Pantsu Hunter Little Witch Hat [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Pet: Schadenfreude Vouboo Zitga [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Staff: Cubic Cherry Kreations Lil Witch~ thanaki Staff  [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Dress: Hapi Rabi Harriet Gav Dress [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Sash: DownDownDown DDD_Together with Flask [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Wings: Silvery K Halloween Wings [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Stockings: Ambrosia Halloween Stockings (RMK Halloween)(free)
Shoes: Ambrosia Pumpkin Hells for Slink Mid [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho!

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STORYLINE: Second year classmate, Black Cat, heard a rumor somewhere in Academy's library was the hidden recipe for the Sweet Temptations potion. She found the Book of Shadows and attempted to leave with it, but she didn't get far before Headmaster Charlotte caught her. "No cheating! Get back to class!"

The Market located on Main Street is full of excellent goodies for Halloween. The gorgeous chocker by Silvery K is a gacha as well as the matching arm warmers, and stocking with shoes. I love the Little Witch hair by Ayashi. It comes with a hat you can show or hide. The fun and unique Black Cat headband is by AIR. On the ground next to Black Cat is the cute Build-a-Friend Kitty gacha by Free Bird. For the RMK Halloween game prizes are the Bubblez Moonstar eye patch, the hold pose triggered Spellbook by Senzafine, and the Raven ring by Lassitude & Ennui.

RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy is going on strong, full of awesome prizes and Halloween goodies for sale. You have until October 31st to complete the challenges and get the prizes. For more information, and pictures of the prizes go to:  The official website has a tutorial how to play the games, or check out my English Tutorial for RMK Halloween.

On Her,  Black Cat:
Hair: Ayashi Little witch hair - pink set [mesh](RMK Halloween)(250L)
Armwarmer: Silvery K Arm cover - Purple_B, gacha[mesh](RMK Halloween)(50L)
Choker: Silvery K Choker Lace - PGP, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(80L)
Legs, shoes: Silvery K over knee - Purple_BlackLine, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(50L)
Dress: Silvery K Puff Sleev Mini Dress - Purple[mesh](RMK Halloween)(200L)
Headdress: Air Le Chat 05 (black_HW, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(10L)
Pet: Free Bird Build-a-Friend Purple Kitty, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(75L)
Book: Senzafine "Spellcraft" Book of Shadows [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Eyepatch: Bubblez BB - Moonstar eyepatch Metal (RMK Halloween)(free)
Ring: Lassitude & Ennui Raven ring - black [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy 1

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STORYLINE: While the young students of the Ghost Academy struggled to control their brooms and fly through each gate on the course, their older classmates would preform trick stunts and often sent the rookies flying into thickets of thorns.

My idea for this outfit was one that went with the Magical Academy's schoolgirl's uniform (see image below) For fun, I dropped the Magical Academy logo on the cape and tie. .... But I know what you guys really want to know, WHERE IS THAT BADASS BROOM?!! lol It's the prize by NeverWish at the RMK Halloween's Dream Gacha! It's unscripted and you can mod it. So you can tint it, resize it, or drop a script in it to make it fly. Just play the games at RMK and you can win it or make trades for it.  How do you play? In a nutshell: Play games and earn coins for the Dream Gacha. You have until October 31st to complete the challenges and get the prizes. For more information, and pictures of the prizes go to:  Tutorial in English Here.

On him, senior Blaze:
Broom: Neverwish Hecate's Broom [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)

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STORYLINE: Reiki was a freshman on her first ride on the broom. Instead of flying up, she went down right through the roof of the old theater!

RMK Ghost Magical Academy Uniform is reminiscent of Kiki's Delivery Service. You don't need to play the games to get it either, just go to the landing and touch Charolette's Raven to get it. The broom and poses are by Uncertain Smile, and you can win them at the Dream Gacha.

On her, freshmen Reiko Kouda:
Guest Appearance: Kariritaisho
Dress, bow, shoes: RokumeikaN RMK Ghost Magical Academy Uniform (RMK Halloween)(free)
Pose, broom: Uncertain Smile Witch's flight (RMK Halloween)(free)

Location: RMK Halloween: Broom Course
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho!

English Tutorial for RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy

English Tutorial for RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy
The Magical Academy games are going on strong, and the event is full of awesome prizes, freebies, and Halloween goodies for sale! How do you play? In a nutshell: Play games and earn coins for the Dream Gacha.


You begin your journey at the landing of the Magical Academy on the “ghost side” of RMK Gothic. Touch the book stands, they give a link to the official blog rules and disclaimer. Once you are done reading, walk forward to the headmaster's desk. The haughty Headmaster of the school, Charlotte, has a greeting for you, it's written down on the enchanted parchment (or read it here). Now touch Charlotte, she will give you 2 items: "+RMK Gothic Halloween2014 HUD+" and "Magic world class." Wear them both. For the free school uniform, touch the raven next to Charlotte. Behind Charlotte are three magic circle teleports down to the sim. If you don't have a broom, you may be in for a bumpy ride. lol.

Ghost Mages
Now your adventure begins! Look around the sim for more Hologram ghosts similar to Charlotte. If you looked at the Map at the landing, you already have an idea where to head. When you find a Mage, it’s a challenge area. Touch the ghost and objects all around to find out what to do. One of the ghosts is not a Mage, but you will find him to be a very good friend. As you complete the challenges you will be awarded a game coin. Collect 10 silver coins and you can use them to play the Dream Gacha. The Challenges are: Broom, Chants, Herbs, Potions. As you level up in the game, the messages each ghost gives you changes.

Professor Nene is friendly and a bit bubbly. She will talk to you and encourage you to learn how to fly a broom. From her zone you can can pick a magic circle teleport to one of 2 broom courses: the white lower level and the pink upper level. The courses are exactly the same, so you can do whichever one you like best. Once you are at the start, touch the black bench to rez a broom. Once rezzed, right click on the broom end to sit, or "fly away" on it. If the white gate says "Start" it means someone else is already on the course. Wait until the seal for the Magical Academy shows. Fly through each gate. Above them they are numbered, Gate No1, Gate No2, etc. There are 7 gates on the Broom Course. If you successfully pass through, the message will change to "Clear." The Course is timed so if you take too long, you will fall where ever you happen to be. (Dev Tip: Set your graphics low, wear a low lag outfit, and make your draw distance 96.) When you complete the course you get a silver coin. If you had an excellent time, your name will be added to the leaderboard for the fastest times.

This is a challenge for speed typing. Royal Magician Ray will not speak to a lowly freshman at all, but you can talk to his cat Familiar. Touch one of the three orb stands: Japanese, English, and Numbers. Accept and wear the orb. Look in local chat for the magic spell. The chant will be given in several lines, but for the spell to work, you need to type it out like one big giant run-on sentence with no spaces or returns. (Dev Tip: Are you a bad typer? Try Dictation that comes with the Mac, or the Dragon program for Windows.) Once the chant is completed, you get a silver coin.

Professor Fixis has a sour personality, but he will warm up to you if you work hard. Herb growing is one of the most popular challenges. It takes 1 hour to grow the herbs, and you must touch your field, or plant pot once every 10 min. (Dev Tip: You can play other games while the herbs grow, even leave the sim, but be sure to keep your hud on. It will tell you in local chat it's time to go back to touch your plants. If you take too long, your plants will time out.) There are 2 herb growing areas: the garden fields and the planter pots in town.  Once your herbs are grown, you get 3 herb objects sent to inventory. All herbs are transfer. Once you have used a field, your turn is up. A new person can take the field. There are many kind of herbs. Some appear to be more common than others. (Bonus Dev Tip: One of the scarecrows in the fields will also talk to you, what he says depends on your level.)

Once you have at least 3 herbs, head to the Magnificent Magician Merlin's potions class. Wear your herb, touch it on your display, and it will be added to your hud. Once all 3 are added to the hud, touch the black kettle on the fireplace to brew it. If you made a good potion you see what it is on the upper box of the hud, but most the time you will create nothing but a toxic Skull and Crossbones potion. (Dev Tip: Write down all your attempted potion recipes. Make friends with other players and trade secrets. You can team up and share bad recipes to avoid. You might even find someone who can tell how to make a really good potion!) STOP! Before you brew a new potion, look for Chan! 

Potion Sale
(Dev Tip: Did you fail to make a cool potion? Don’t worry, you can sell it. Chan will buy anything! lol) Chan is your best buddy. Deliver to him your potions and he will buy them, but he may toss an insult your way for shoddy goods. The better your potion, the more money you earn. A good potion is worth a gold coin, and a gold coins are worth 10 silvers!  (Dev tip: My friends have discovered 6 potions so far: Witch Trial, Sweet Temptation, Halloween Night, Feast of Madness, Oblivion, and Black Princess Perfume)

Dream Gacha
Once you have 10 silver, or 1 gold coin, head to the Dream gacha. Wear your coins. Touch them on your display to load them into your hud. Once you reach 10, go ahead and touch the Dream Gacha Old Man tree. You can see a preview of all the prizes on the official Magical Academy website. All prizes are transfer (with one exception). (Dev tip: There are also two mystery prizes in the Dream Gacha that will help you in your magic!)

The best strategy in all RMK games is to make friends. You can trade potion recipes, failed potion recipes, herbs, and Dream Gacha prizes. You can also make trades and ask for help in the RMK Gothic SIM group. secondlife:///app/group/41460f76-5061-1412-5958-059b4d14ce05/about

Halloween Market
Have no patience for games? Don't worry, there are lots of excellent items, gacha, and several freebies over in the Halloween Market. Don't miss these excellent exclusives to the event! Participating stores in the Dream Gacha and Halloween Market are:

1mm, A&Y Bunker CyberShop, Air, Ambrosia, Ariel’s Nail, Ayashi, BluPrintz, Bubblez Style, Cila, Contraption, Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, DownDownDown, Free Bird, Goth1c0, Hapi Rabi, HPMD, La petite fleur, Lassitude & Ennui, Likka House, Melonbunny, NeverWish, Noctis, Nonkoromankan, oUvUo, Pantsu Hunter, Paper Moon, Pulcino, RokumeikaN, Schadenfreude, Senzafine, Silentsparrow, Silvery K, SouzouEien, Theater Chain, Uncertain Smile

BONUS: Achievements
There will be rewards for things like Fastest Time on the Broom. As you earn coins, your rank in the game will increase up 9 levels, and the highest level is Magnificent Magician!

The official website tutorial in Japanese and English How to Play
An additional English tutorial by store owner of Schadenfreude.
Have fun gang!

In Picture above:
Guest Appearance: Rokia Kristan
Dress, hat: RokumeikaN Halloween gift 2013 (past)
Teleports: Theater Chain

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Magical Academy-RMK Gothic Halloween2014-

RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 Event
Magical Academy
Place:RMK Gothic Ghost SIM


Greetings to all our incorporeal-challenged human guests!
I am Charlotte, the principle of the prestigious RMK Ghost Magical Academy.

Humans are such worthless creatures. However, for the month of October I will admit your kind into this pillar of academic achievement in the Ghostly Arts. Congratulations! ❤

Naturally, we have a variety of curriculum at the Academy.

We will assign you each a Senior Mage, so there is no problem if you lack confidence in magic.

All prospective students must read and understand the School Regulations.

We look forward to seeing all you new freshmen.

RMK Ghost Magical Academy Charlotte❤

※All prospective students must read and understand the School Regulations.

※We will soon announce the official event blog.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ghosts of August, Broken Doll

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STORYLINE: Her camera and photos confiscated, the schoolgirl left the spirit world empty-handed. Or so she thought. She began to see things: a shadow darted before her, a bright glowing orb in the corner of the room. She was already on edge as she walked home.  She looked up and saw someone walking precipitous along the edge of town's ancient tower wall. The figure appeared ridged or drunk. Then it suddenly slipped and fell. 

Nice things for Elegant Lolitas to enjoy this month! The new release from Rokumeikan, Attempted Suicide Doll, comes with shirt top, collar, bandages for the arms, skirt, underskirt, checkered stockings, hat, and a parasol with pose. The black and white textures with with stripes is really striking, and I love the nicely textured parasol. The creepy cool forked tongue is by DownDownDown. Touch it and you can change the color to green, mint, blue, black, white, pink and red. It comes with materials for that extra slimly look. lol. The tongue is unrigged mesh so you scale it and move it around, no problem.

On Her, the Broken Doll:
Dress, hat, bandages, parasol: RokumeikaN +RMK*Attempted suicide doll [mesh](700L)
Tongue: DownDownDown Snake tongue [mesh](150L)

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Horrified, the schoolgirl screamed and ran toward the person who fell only to discover it wasn’t a person at all, it was a shattered doll. As it’s head rocked gently to a stop, suddenly a forked tongue flicked out of it’s mouth. Then the doll faded away as if nothing had been there at all. The cycle began again a few moments later when it reappeared on the tower wall. The frightened schoolgirl wondered what kind of evil the doll had absorbed.

Location: RMK Gothic

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+ RMK *サマードレス* +ピンクドット


■人形ポイントHUD情報 - 英語■


+ RMK *サマードレス* +ピンクドット


人形ポイントHUD情報■ - 日本语■


Saturday, July 19, 2014

RMK Gothic: The Dark Circus

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The Dark Circus has come to RMK Gothic! You can find this cute new area to explore in the garden near Theater Chain. Pictured above is Rokumeikan's the kodona/ouji style Harlequin in monocolor (there is a rare red version also). It's an outfit for girls, but I am playing up the boyishness here. It's from the new Straw Hat gacha. You can find it at Castle Rokumeikan. I added a past free fangs from [ni.Ju] and tinted them to match. The pierrot eye makeup is part of Carousel Black outfit from Likka House. The hairstyle is brand from Ayashi. This style is so nice for the guys! Ayashi has introduced a new color palette, Summer. They include pastel tones.

On Nosferatu Harlequin:
Outfit, hat, collar, stockings: RokumeikaN +RMK*Arlequin*+Mono (RARE) [mesh](50L)
Hair: Ayashi Makoto - whites [mesh](250L)
Tattoo: Likka*House Carousel-black [mesh](700L)
Fangs: [ni.Ju] Fangs, edit tint (past, free)

RMK Gothic, Dark Circus

(click to enlarge)

Our lovely Trapeze artist is wearing the rare prize from the Theater Chain Unicorn Accessories gacha. It includes two hair ribbons, top, skirt, and arm wearings. Her mini parsol is from the Alrescha swimsuit set from last year. Scroll down to read about the new Doll Points at RMK Gothic.

On Trapeze Unicorn:
Skirt, top, ribbons, arm warmer: Theater Chain Unicorn Accessories baby purple RARE [mesh](50L)
Swimsuit, gloves, sandles, parasol: Likka House Alrescha - blacky [mesh](200L)

(click to enlarge)

I have big news for RMK Gothic fans! +Club RokumeikaN+ is happy to introduce the new Doll Point system. With each of your purchases, you earn points which can be exchanged for Doll Point prizes!

Doll Point HUD information - English v.1

How does it work?

1) Go to the Rokumeikan castle 2nd floor here:

2) Wear your +Club RokumeikaN+ group tag.

3) Touch the sign to receive your Doll Point HUD.

4) Wear your Doll Point HUD each time you make a purchase in the Rokumeikan store. The more you buy the more points you earn. Each gacha spin will equal one point.

5) Once you have collected enough points, return to the 2nd floor of Rokumeikan castle where the Doll Point prizes are located. You can redeem your points for prizes there.

6) Touch the sign of the prize you wish. Prize will be delivered. Points used will be subtracted from your total.

PLEASE NOTE: Past gacha do not have the Doll Point System in their code. Only new gacha machines will have the Doll Point system.