Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Addams Family - The Perfect Family 1

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STORYLINE: The Addams Family was a popular topic of rumor and speculation at Wednesday's school. The normally soft murmurs turned into a roar when for show and tell, Wednesday brought a macabre painting she claimed she painted herself. The details were so gruesome, her art teacher asked how she achieved such realism. Wednesday replied simply she had a live "dead" model.

Every now and then something spontaneous and wonderful happens. That's what happened here after a conversation between Draconias and Aarya about how the Addams Family is the "Perfect Family." This fun image grew from that. Thanks to Aarya, Draconias, and Lexxii for letting me blog this!

Noctis is kicking butt this October. You need some authentic looking spookiness for your Halloween? Run over to RMK Gothic and check out the Halloween Market Noctis booth on main street in front of the castle. I love this Abandoned Piano! It comes with a stool, piano, lots of candles and sheet music too! Just touch the sheet music twice to start playing Clair De Lune by Debussy. Love it! You can buy additional sheet music too, a creepy horror version of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 

Piano: Noctis Abandoned Piano [mesh](RMK Halloween)(355L)
Music: Noctis Piano Music: Moonlight Sonata [mesh](RMK Halloween)(155L)

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STORYLINE: Muffy Hightower was on a mission: infiltrate the Addams mansion, find out if Wednesday really does have a mummified body for her still life painting, report her findings to her friends, and collect the reward money. Simple, right? First, Muffy started by emulating Wednesday's style. She laughed secretly inside when the gloomy girl was so overjoyed that a popular cheerleader suddenly took an interest in her that an invite to a slumber party at Freak Central soon to followed. It was all too easy, Muffy thought.  What could possibly go wrong?

Muffy is wearing a fantastic Wednesday dress by Goth1c0 you can pick up at RMK Halloween. Her Eyeball necklace is by DownDownDown. You can change the textures by touching it and switch the colors on ribbon, metal, and 3 sets of eyes. Her pet Moth by Silentsparrow is a Dream Gacha prize. It comes in holdable, follow, and rez versions. The Ethelton Casket from Noctis is another beautifully textured goodie for gothic home decor. It includes a pose to laying down inside, and the lid opens and closes. There is a hud to change it's textures too. To the left of the image is the Magus supplies and Professor's desk, and on the rug is the Magus podium is the gift from RMK Halloween Dream Gacha. On the wall above the desk, is the Papermoon Green Witch Shelf from the Halloween Market at RMK, and on the rug is the matching Green Witch Bundle prize from the RMK Dream Gacha. Next to the bundle is the Crystal Altar by Souzou Eien. It's also a prize from the RMK Dream Gacha. Close by is the Jar of Dirt from the MelonBunny booth at RMK Halloween Market. It's one of the commons from the gacha. The Rares are backpacks and when someone bumps you, your jar spills it's contents all over.  There is a hearts rare backpack and bones. (Go figure I won the hearts rares instead of the bones. lol)  Speaking of backpack, next to Muffy on the ground is the Traveling Witch Pack by Contraption on sale at the RMK Halloween market. Poking out from behind the piano, is the Purple Skeleton Flamingo lawn ornament by Free Bird. It's a gacha in the RMK Halloween Market.

Muffy Hightower:
Pet: silentsparrow Moth - (Dusk) - Flying [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Necklace: DownDownDown DDD_Eyeball necklace [mesh](RMK Halloween)(213L)
Dress, socks: Goth1c0 Misery Loves Wednesday [mesh](RMK Halloween)(125L)

Casket: Noctis Ethelton Casket and HUD [mesh](RMK Halloween)(155L)
Desk: Noctis Magus Professor's desk set V2 [mesh](RMK Halloween)(155L)
Podium: Noctis Magus supplies on plynth [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Backpack: Contraption Traveling Witch Pack [mesh](RMK Halloween)(200L)
Shelf: Papermoon *pm* Green Witch Shelf [mesh](RMK Halloween)(250L)
Witch supplies: Papermoon *pm* Green Witch Bundle [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Witch supplies:  Souzou Eien Crystal Altar [mesh](RMK Halloween)(free)
Witch supplies: MelonBunny {MB} Jar of Dirt, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(50L)
Lawn Ornament: Free Bird purple skeleton flamingo, gacha [mesh](RMK Halloween)(50L)
Thanks for your help, Aarya, Draconias, and Lexxii!

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