Saturday, September 27, 2014

Magical Academy-RMK Gothic Halloween2014-

RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 Event
Magical Academy
Place:RMK Gothic Ghost SIM


Greetings to all our incorporeal-challenged human guests!
I am Charlotte, the principle of the prestigious RMK Ghost Magical Academy.

Humans are such worthless creatures. However, for the month of October I will admit your kind into this pillar of academic achievement in the Ghostly Arts. Congratulations! ❤

Naturally, we have a variety of curriculum at the Academy.

We will assign you each a Senior Mage, so there is no problem if you lack confidence in magic.

All prospective students must read and understand the School Regulations.

We look forward to seeing all you new freshmen.

RMK Ghost Magical Academy Charlotte❤

※All prospective students must read and understand the School Regulations.

※We will soon announce the official event blog.

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