Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Alice in RMK Gothic 2014

■Alice in RMK Gothic2014■

Alice in RMK 2014 is coming soon!

We are proud to announce our biggest festival yet, "Alice in RMK 2014." RMK Gothic will be dyed in the color of Alice in Wonderland from March 1st to the 31st March. The popular Bunny Hunt will return, as well as the Dance Show, and introducing this year a Market in the theme of Alice in Wonderland!

Please look forward to the Alice event at RMK Gothic!
Check our official blog for more details: Bunny Hunt Official Blog

■Store List■
La petite fleur
Down Down Down
Room of AMO 
:: c.A. :: chocolate atelier
Caco's Greenhouse
Kyoko Couture
+Theater Chain+


※Participating stores may change.

Bunny Hunt Official Blog:  Here!
RMK Gothic event Flickr:  Here!

+The Executive committee of Alice in RMK Gothic 2014+

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