Monday, December 23, 2013

RMK Gothic: Christmas Group Gifts

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Group members of RMK Goth SIM and Club RokumeikaN have a special treat released today: two cute new Lolita Christmas outfits!

To get yours, head over to RMK Frost Fair's Gacha Gazebo HERE.
Wear your group tag for either RMK Gothic SIM, or Club RokumeikaN.
Be quick!  These outfits are limited to 100 each.  Hurry Hurry!

Dress left: 
Club RokumeikaN  + RMK * Christmas Gift Santa * + red [mesh] (free to group, 100L to join)

Dress right:
RMK Goth SIM  + RMK * Christmas Gift Santa * + pink [mesh] (free to group, free to join)

Merry Christmas from RMK Gothic!

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