Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bunny Maids by Rotten Toe

Vistors to RMK Castle sometimes marvel at how well it is maintained when a cleaning staff is never seen. The secret is the hardworking Bunny Maids. Occasionally, a shy Bunny Maid will be spotted, and like a pale ghost she quickly disappears leaving you to wonder if you had imagined the lovely delicate creature, or not. 

On the Bunnies:
Dress, collar, cuffs, ears, feather duster, gloves, stockings: Rotten Toe Bunny Maid - Pink (350L)
Dress, collar, cuffs, ears, feather duster, gloves, stockings: Rotten Toe Bunny Maid - Black (350L)

The mysterious Bunny Maids relax at home.

On the Bunnies:
Top: Rotten Toe Strap Top - Pink (50L)
Top: Rotten Toe Strap Top - Black (50L)

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