Sunday, October 7, 2012

【Halloween in RMK Gothic】Q&A


Q. Why I couldn't get any prize or body part even after I clear the quest?
A. We prepare 20 quests, prizes are 17, and also body parts are 17.
But every prizes are given randomly, sometimes you can't get any prizes or body part even after you clear the quest.
Q. Can I get all prizes and all my body parts after clearing all the quests?
A. Yes you can. You can get all your body parts when you reach  to final place.
And about prize, after you clear all quest, save your HUD and post notecard.
For notecard, please write your full name and what prizes do you want.
After we get your notecard, we will check your HUD and tell each store creator, and that creator will give prizes to you directly. But it takes a little long time, please understand it and be patient.
Q. It doesn't work about Father's heart ( Story Teller 08).
A. Please post about it with Notecard.

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